Powder Coated Aluminum Railing Systems


UltraLox aluminum railings and fences are manufactured in the Washington/Baltimore area, enabling architects, builders and property managers throughout the Mid Atlantic more timely access to the beautifully designed and virtually maintenance-free products for multi-family, residential and commercial construction.

Architects & Designers

Architects & Designers

Architects appreciate that we provide specifications that are useable within drawings. As a result, concepts are actual, and communication to the builder is solid. If you’re an architect, let us know if you need specification information, or just want more insight on which railings are the most popular for your type of project.
Property Managers

Property Managers

Property managers and occupants appreciate a good looking product that is safe, weather resistant and built for longevity. Property managers can attract occupants with our popular UltraLox™ powder coated aluminum railings. Replace old and failing materials with new, code-approved aluminum systems.
Commercial Contractors

Commercial Contractors

Contractors appreciate the consistency and reliability of UltraLox™ railing systems. They know everything is up to code and will be custom fit to each application without the time and cost of having to build everything from scratch. And because these railings are built from powder coated aluminum, they are extremely strong and durable.
Installers & Dealers

Installers & Dealers

We understand the unique needs of installers and dealers and have been partnering with them to supply high-quality, high volume aluminum railing components for over ten years. We know quality is of the most importance and Fence & Deck Connection, Inc. can meet the high standards you require.


With a choice of glass or picket inserts, UlraLox™ railing systems add aesthetic value and maintenance-free durability to any commercial, residential or institutional application.

We offer standard and custom designs for exterior and interior use on decks, patios, stairs and balconies, or as fencing or pool and hot tub surrounds. A variety of models and colors are available to complement virtually any architectural style, and we are happy to help you with any custom design ideas.

UlraLox™ railings are made from the highest quality, maintenance-free components available: powder-coated aluminum, tempered glass, and stainless steel fasteners. Our line of aluminum railings is an engineered system that exceeds BOCA requirements for spacing and loading. We back the quality and value of our railing systems with a 20 year limited warranty.


Architects, Contractors, Builders, and Property Managers rely on Railing Pro to provide industry leading Aluminum & Vinyl rail solutions for their properties.

Our beautiful and durable Aluminum Railing is available in both easy to install, convenient kits as well as customized railing systems that will make your projects stand out from the crowd.

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